Growing up in Hong Kong, I was always drawn to activities that challenged both my body and mind. As a competitive swimmer and later a weightlifting enthusiast, I found joy in pushing my physical limits. During the pandemic I discovered yoga which has since turned into my passion. This realisation led me on a transformative journey to the Himalayas in India, where I spent over a year immersing myself in the culture and completing my yoga training. This experience deepened my connection to my roots and the practice of yoga.

For me, yoga has been more than just a physical discipline; it has been a path to profound life transformation. I moved away from a conventional desk job in the city to lead a more harmonious life, balancing teaching yoga with my second passion, building houses.

In my yoga classes, students should prepare for a strong and challenging flow, underscored by a deep focus on mindfulness. I am dedicated to helping my students deepen their connection with their bodies, enabling them to better understand themselves and safely extend their limits. My sessions are like a moving meditation, seamlessly transitioning from one posture to another, ensuring the practice is welcoming and accessible to everyone.